Save A Child e.V. values transparency very highly. That’s why we decided to be part of the initiative Transparency International and deutscher Spendenrat. We commit ourselves to publicly provide the information of the following topics and to keep them up to date.

1. Name, Address und year of foundation 
Save A Child e.V.
Jaspersallee 6
81245 Munich
Year of foundation: 2018

2. Articles of Incorporation and goals of our organization 
Click here for articles of incorporation (German language).
Click here for the goals of our organization (German language).

3. Tax exemption 
We are registered as a German charity organization. You can find the last tax exemption statement here (German language). Our registration number is 143/240/70568 and our latest statement is from the 8th of June 2020 from the office in the city of Munich. We are entitled to issue German donation certificates.

4. Name and role of key decisionmaker
Chairman of the board: Samuel Wagner
Board member: Klaus-Jürgen Wagner

5. Report of activities
Our current report of activities is available here (German language).

6. Staff
Our projects are mainly staffed by volunteers (500+volunteers). Additionally, we have the following hired staff (9/2023): Staff (German language)

7. Sources of income
Click here for financial statement (German language)

8. Financial Statememt 
Click here for financial statement (German language)

9. Corporate affiliations to third party organizations
At the current time we don’t have any corporate affiliations to third party organizations.

10. Names of anybody whose donation make up more than 10% of our yearly budget
Our donors consist of several organizations and individuals. At this moment none of them made up more than 10% of our yearly budget.